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Through countries and continents: ASIAN Nature by ecologist eye

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In this section of the site we collect our authoring (our own and from our friends and colleagues) images of natural landscapes of the world, including different geological formations, relief forms, natural water bodies and vegetation types, as well as some plants and animals typical to different native zones and geographical regions.

You can choose these regions using the map or the countries/regions list (below the map). Clicking on the red dot on the map or country in the list you will be transferred to the page with the whole list of this region images and their previews. Clicking on the preview you will find the full sized image (usually 1024 x 768 pixels and approximately 150 kilobytes).

List of ASIAN Regions and Countries



Asian part of Russia:
4) Sayan Mountains (South-East of Russia) (19)
5) Far East: Sihote-Alin Mountains (14)
6) Kuril Islands: Kunashir, Atlasov and Paramushir (9+25)
23) Far East: Kamchatka (volcanoes, mountains, water bodies, vegetation, wildlife)(252)
25) Western Siberia: Ob-river valley (103)
26) Lake Baikal: Irkutsk (25)
29) Taz peninsula (North of Western Siberia) (29)
56) Altai Region (Altaisky Krai) (28)
71) Altai Mountains (Altai Republic) (93)

Other Asian countries:
7) Georgia: Central Caucasus Mountains (14)
8) Northern Tien-Shan: Issik-Kul Lake and Zailiysky Alatau (37)
9) Kirgizstan: Western Tien-Shan Mountains (17)
10) Tadjikstan: Pamir Mountains (18)
34) Turkey (11)
42) North-East China (Peking) (15)
43) Laos (21)
44) Thailand (22)
45) Indonesia (Bali Island) (25)
55) Middle East (Cyria, Lebanon and Israel) (70)
63) Sri Lanka (30)
69) India (Himalayas) (73)
75) Western Caucasus (Abkhazia) (30)
77) United Arab Emirates (92)

* Notice: 00 - images scanned from the color slides (low quality), 00 - digital images

All Regions and Continents

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