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Since 1996 Association "Ecosystem" cooperates with different educational institutions, like us specialized in field ecology and environmental education of children, students and teachers. These organizations use such methods of education as field natural history practices, educational excursions in nature, field trips and far expeditions to wild and exotic places of their countries.


Field Studies Centres (Great Britain)
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Field Studies CouncilOne of our partners in Europe since 1996 is Field Studies Council - an environmental education charity committed to helping people understand and be inspired by the natural world. Thousands of students every year experience the FSC through fieldwork and cross-curricular courses at their network of 17 centres across the UK.



Water invertebrates collection at FSCWe cooperates with Field Studies Council sending groups of Russian school-children and teachers to different field centres of this organization. According to our plan since 1997 we have sent already 7 Russian groups 12-28 participants each to 6 FSC centres all over the UK.
Usually the duration of such visits are 10-15 days and during these two weeks Russians visit one or two field centres where they live, study, associate with the local children, familiarize with unknown nature, new forms and methods of education, cultural and social features of the Great Britain.
These visits are carried out on the commercial basis - local Russian schools and parents are paying for the group transportation to the UK and their staying in FSC Centres.


International Expeditions (USA)
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CreekFarm NetworkOne of our partners in USA since 1997 is a non-governmental organization CreekFarm Education Associates (Montana State, Bozeman).

Russian expeditionMain projects of our cooperation with CreekFarm are: visits of Russian ecology teachers to USA and visits of American teachers to Russia, joint educational workshops and international expeditions of Russian and American teachers and students through wild and exotic places of our countries.
The main goals of these expeditions are the intercourse of colleagues, their mutual cultural and professional growth, familiarizing with unknown nature, new forms and methods of education, cultural and social features of our countries.
The participants of these expeditions are practicing biology and geography teachers, teachers of out-of-school Russian educational system, students of the Montana State University.


Ecological Field Techniques Course (USA)
= details =

Montana State UniversityDepartment of EducationOur second partner in the United States is the Montana State University and its Department of Education.
We cooperates with MSU since 1999 by establishing and delivering the telecommunication ecology education  program Ecological Field Techniques Course. This course is for middle and secondary level science teachers and students in the USA, Russia and other countries. This course is for teachers who would like their students to share ecological and cultural information and work together to help create a better environment.


Ornithology out-door lessonThe Ecological Field Studies Program is a continuous, asynchronous, computer-based telecommunications link between teachers and students focusing on ecological studies throughout the world. The program is based on Ecological Field Techniques Materials that include 40 environmental study lessons illustrated with videos of students and teachers conducting research in the environment surrounding the Ecosystem Center for Field Studies , northeast of Moscow, Russia. The videos have complimentary supporting teacher background texts (manuals) in both English and Russian language.

Among the lessons are a wide variety of activities in nature which focus on aquatic ecology, botany, forest ecology, soil studies, landscape analysis, ornithology and anthropogenic effects on nature.

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