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Bird Decoys for European Birds: Songs, Calls, Sounds, Bird voices - application for Android download from Google Play / Play Market for free

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Our Field Ecology Center published more than 180 methodical materials for nature studies. Some of them are in English:
Mobile educational application: Ecological Field Studies Techniques on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of North America: Songs and Calls Decoys on Play.Google WILD FLOWERS OF RUSSIA Field Identification Guide on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Russia on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Russia Songs, Calls and Voices on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Europe Songs, Calls and Voices on Play.Google Mobile field guide Birds of Europe Songs, Calls and Voices on Play.Google
Mobile Educational Apps and Field Identification Guides for Russian, European and American Birds
Applications for Android and iOS are available at GooglePlay and AppStore

European Bird Sounds PRO:
Songs, Calls and Voices

Ecosystem educational applications and field guides: download from Google Play / Play Market       Ecosystem educational applications and field guides: download from Apple AppStore / iTunes

Mobile Field Guide
Application for Android and iOS smartphones

In 20 European languages

Author: Dr. Alexander Bogolyubov

© Ecosystem, 2021

European Birds Sounds: Songs, Calls and Voices - mobile field guide

Download from Google Play and AppStore

Download mobile field guide European Birds Sounds PRO: Songs, Calls and Voices from Google Play / Play Market                Download mobile field guide European Birds Sounds PRO: Songs, Calls and Voices from AppStore / iTunes

Professional encyclopedia of bird voices!

For ornithologists and bird lovers!

Professional sound collection for 515 bird species inhabiting Europe - from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals, and from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The list of species you can found below.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - main screen

For each of the 515 bird species, the app provides one combined recording, including male songs and several most typical calls Ц alarm, aggression, interaction, contact and flight calls, etc. Each of the recordings can be played in four different ways: 1) once, 2) in a loop without interval, 3) in a loop with an interval of 10 seconds, 4) in a loop with an interval of 20 seconds.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - playing options

For each of 515 species, a photo of the bird in nature is provided (the image can be enlarged), as well as a text description of its appearance, behavior, features of reproduction and nutrition, distribution and migration.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - image and text description

The application has a built-in polytomic bird voice Identifier (filter), which helps to determine the unknown bird by its appearance and voice. To do this, select the geographical region, the size of the bird, the location of the singing bird, the type of sound signal, and the time of a day. The Identifier will help you to narrow down the range of species for unknown bird.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - voice Identifier

The app has a built-in Quiz, which can train you to recognize birds by their voices. You can play the quiz repeatedly Ц the questions for recognizing species alternate in random order and are never repeated! The difficulty of the Quiz can be adjusted Ц change the number of questions, change the number of answers to choose from, turn on and off bird images.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - Quiz screen

The main features of the app are free - for each bird species, you can view the image and text description and add species to Favorites (these features are available offline), as well as to play the recording of birdТs voice (if you have an Internet connection and no more than 1 time per minute). Paid features allow you to use the Voice Identifier, open access to the Quiz, and also allow you to play bird voice recordings offline in four different ways. These features will be available after any purchase - you can open access to all 515 bird species (the "All Birds" group), as well as to any of 11 systematic and ecological bird groups.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - in-app purchases

The app is available in five European languages - Russian, English, German, French and Spanish. The user can choose any of these languages.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - language options

In the presence of the Internet, the voices of birds can be played directly in nature. After paying for in-app purchases, all functions can be used offline, including in the areas without the Internet - on ornithological excursions, walks in the country, on expeditions, hunting or fishing.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - Information page


Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - Favorites screen


  • birdwatchers and professional ornithologists;
  • university students and faculty at on-site seminars;
  • teachers of secondary schools and additional (out-of school) education;
  • forestry workers and hunters;
  • employees of nature reserves, national parks and other nature protected areas;
  • songbird lovers;
  • tourists, campers and nature guides;
  • parents with their children and summer residents;
  • all other nature lovers.

Mobile application field guide Birds of Europe: Songs, Calls and Voices - bird groups

This is an indispensable reference and educational resource for amateur ornithologists (birdwatchers), schoolchildren, students, teachers, parents, and all nature lovers!

Download from Google Play and AppStore

Download mobile field guide European Birds Sounds PRO: Songs, Calls and Voices from Google Play / Play Market                Download mobile field guide European Birds Sounds PRO: Songs, Calls and Voices from AppStore / iTunes


The list of 515 bird species, included into the application
(in systematic order):

Latin name Russian English Deutch Spanish French
Lagopus lagopus Ѕела€ куропатка Willow Ptarmigan Moorschneehuhn Lagopodo comun Lagopede des saules
Lagopus muta “ундр€на€ куропатка Rock Ptarmigan Alpensneeuwhoen Perdiz nival Lagopede alpin
Tetrao urogallus √лухарь Western Capercaillie Auerhuhn Urogallo comun Grand Tetras
Lyrurus tetrix “етерев Black Grouse Birkhuhn Gallo lira comun Tetras lyre
Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi  авказский тетерев Caucasian Grouse Kaukasus-Birkhuhn Gallo lira caucasiano Tetras du Caucase
Tetrastes bonasia –€бчик Hazel Grouse Hazelhoen Grevol comun Gelinotte des bois
Tetraogallus caucasicus  авказский улар Caucasian Snowcock Kaukasuskonigshuhn Perdigallo caucasiano Tetraogalle du Caucase
Alectoris chukar  еклик Chukar Partridge Chukarhuhn Perdiz chucar Perdrix choukar
Alectoris graeca ≈вропейский кеклик Rock Partridge Steinhuhn Perdiz griega Perdrix bartavelle
Alectoris rufa  расна€ куропатка Red-legged Partridge Rothuhn Perdiz roja Perdrix rouge
Perdix perdix —ера€ куропатка Grey Partridge Rebhuhn Perdiz pardilla Perdrix grise
Coturnix coturnix ѕерепел Common Quail Wachtel Codorniz comun Caille des bles
Phasianus colchicus ‘азан Common Pheasant Fasan Faisan comun Faisan de Colchide
Cygnus olor Ћебедь-шипун Mute Swan Hockerschwan Cisne vulgar Cygne tubercule
Cygnus columbianus ћалый лебедь Tundra Swan Zwergschwan Cisne chico Cygne siffleur
Cygnus cygnus Ћебедь-кликун Whooper Swan Singschwan Cisne cantor Cygne chanteur
Anser fabalis √уменник Bean Goose Saatgans Ansar campestre Oie des moissons
Anser brachyrhynchus √уменник короткоклювый Pink-footed Goose Kurzschnabelgans Ansar piquicorto Oie a bec court
Anser albifrons Ѕелолобый гусь Greater White-fronted Goose Blassgans Ansar careto Oie rieuse
Anser erythropus ѕискулька Lesser White-fronted Goose Zwerggans Ansar chico Oie naine
Anser anser —ерый гусь Greylag Goose Graugans Ansar comun Oie cendree
Anser indicus √орный гусь Bar-headed Goose Streifengans Ansar indio Oie a tete barree
Anser caerulescens Ѕелый гусь Snow Goose Schneegans Ansar nival Oie des neiges
Branta bernicla „Єрна€ казарка Brant Goose Ringelgans Barnacla carinegra Bernache cravant
Branta leucopsis ЅелощЄка€ казарка Barnacle Goose Wei?wangengans Barnacla cariblanca Bernache nonnette
Branta canadensis  анадска€ казарка Canada Goose Kanadagans Barnacla canadiense Bernache du Canada
Branta ruficollis  раснозоба€ казарка Red-breasted Goose Rothalsgans Barnacla cuelliroja Bernache a cou roux
Alopochen aegyptiaca Ќильский гусь Egyptian Goose Nilgans Ganso del Nilo Ouette dТegypte
Tadorna ferruginea ќгарь Ruddy Shelduck Rostgans Tarro canelo Tadorne casarca
Tadorna tadorna ѕеганка Common Shelduck Brandgans Tarro blanco Tadorne de Belon
Aix galericulata ћандаринка Mandarin Duck Mandarinente Pato mandarin Canard mandarin
Mareca penelope —ви€зь Eurasian Wigeon Pfeifente Silbon europeo Canard siffleur
Mareca americana јмериканска€ сви€зь American Wigeon Nordamerikanische Pfeifente Silbon americano Canard dТAmerique
Mareca strepera —ера€ утка Gadwall Schnatterente Anade friso Canard chipeau
Anas crecca „ирок-свистунок Eurasian Teal Krickente Cerceta comun Sarcelle dТhiver
Anas platyrhynchos  р€ква Mallard Stockente Anade real Canard colvert
Anas acuta Ўилохвость Northern Pintail Spie?ente Anade rabudo Canard pilet
Spatula querquedula „ирок-трескунок Garganey Knakente Cerceta carretona Sarcelle dТete
Spatula clypeata Ўироконоска Northern Shoveler Loffelente Cuchara comun Canard souchet
Marmaronetta angustirostris ћраморный чирок Marbled Duck Marmelente Cerceta pardilla Marmaronette marbree
Netta rufina  расноносый нырок Red-crested Pochard Kolbenente Pato colorado Nette rousse
Aythya ferina  расноголовый нырок Common Pochard Tafelente Porron europeo Fuligule milouin
Aythya nyroca Ѕелоглазый нырок Ferruginous Duck Moorente Porron pardo Fuligule nyroca
Aythya fuligula ’охлата€ чернеть Tufted Duck Reiherente Porron monudo Fuligule morillon
Aythya marila ћорска€ чернеть Greater Scaup Bergente Porron bastardo Fuligule milouinan
Aythya affinis ћала€ морска€ чернеть Lesser Scaup Veilchenente Porron bola Petit fuligule
Somateria mollissima ќбыкновенна€ гага Common Eider Eiderente Eider comun Eider a duvet
Somateria spectabilis √ага-гребенушка King Eider Prachteiderente Eider real Eider a tete grise
Polysticta stelleri —ибирска€ гага Steller's Eider Scheckente Eider de Steller Eider de Steller
Histrionicus histrionicus  аменушка Harlequin Duck Kragenente Pato arlequin Arlequin plongeur
Clangula hyemalis ћор€нка Long-tailed Duck Eisente Pato havelda Harelde kakawi
Melanitta nigra —иньга Common Scoter Trauerente Negron comun Macreuse noire
Melanitta fusca “урпан Velvet Scoter Samtente Negron especulado Macreuse brune
Bucephala clangula √оголь Common Goldeneye Schellente Porron osculado Garrot a oeil dТor
Bucephala islandica »сландский гоголь Barrow's Goldeneye Spatelente Porron islandico Garrot dТIslande
Mergellus albellus Ћуток Smew Zwergsager Serreta chica Harle piette
Mergus serrator ƒлинноносый крохаль Red-breasted Merganser Mittelsager Serreta mediana Harle huppe
Mergus merganser Ѕольшой крохаль Common Merganser Gansesager Serreta grande Grand Harle
Oxyura leucocephala —авка White-headed Duck Wei?kopf-Ruderente Malvasia cabeciblanca Erismature a tete blanche
Gavia stellata  раснозоба€ гагара Red-throated Loon Sterntaucher Colimbo chico Plongeon catmarin
Gavia arctica „ернозоба€ гагара Black-throated Loon Prachttaucher Colimbo artico Plongeon arctique
Gavia immer ѕол€рна€ гагара Common Loon Eistaucher Colimbo grande Plongeon huard
Gavia adamsii Ѕелоклюва€ гагара Yellow-billed Loon Eistaucher Colimbo grande Plongeon huard
Thalassarche chlororhynchos ∆елтоклювый альбатрос Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross Atlantik-Gelbnasenalbatros Albatros clororrinco atlantico Albatros a nez jaune
Fulmarus glacialis √лупыш Northern Fulmar Eissturmvogel Fulmar boreal Fulmar boreal
Calonectris diomedea —редиземноморский буревестник Scopoli's Shearwater Sepiasturmtaucher Pardela cenicienta mediterranea Puffin de Scopoli
Calonectris borealis јтлантический пЄстрый буревестник Cory's Shearwater Gulnebblire (borealis) Pardela cenicienta canaria Portugali tormilind
Puffinus puffinus ќбыкновенный буревестник Manx Shearwater Atlantiksturmtaucher Pardela pichoneta Puffin des Anglais
Pterodroma feae «еленомысский тайфунник Fea's Petrel Kapverdensturmvogel Petrel gongon Petrel gongon
Pterodroma hasitata „ерношапочный тайфунник Black-capped Petrel Teufelssturmvogel Petrel antillano Petrel diablotin
Bulweria bulwerii “айфунник Ѕульвера Bulwer's Petrel Bulwersturmvogel Petrel de Bulwer Petrel de Bulwer
Puffinus yelkouan Ћевантский буревестник Yelkouan Shearwater Mittelmeer-Sturmtaucher Pardela mediterranea Puffin yelkouan
Puffinus griseus —ерый буревестник Sooty Shearwater Dunkler Sturmtaucher Pardela sombria Puffin fuligineux
Puffinus mauretanicus Ѕалеарский буревестник Balearic Shearwater Balearensturmtaucher Pardela balear Puffin des Baleares
Puffinus baroli —евероатлантический буревестник Barolo Shearwater Makaronesialire Pardela de Barolo makaroneesia tormilind
Ardenna gravis Ѕольшой пестробрюхий буревестник Great Shearwater Gro?er Sturmtaucher Pardela capirotada Puffin majeur
Hydrobates pelagicus ѕр€мохвоста€ качурка European Storm Petrel Sturmschwalbe Paino europeo Oceanite tempete
Oceanites oceanicus  ачурка ¬ильсона Wilson's Storm Petrel Buntfu?-Sturmschwalbe Paino de Wilson Oceanite de Wilson
Pelagodroma marina Ѕелолица€ качурка White-Faced Storm Petrel Wei?gesicht-Sturmschwalbe Paino pechialbo Oceanite fregate
Oceanodroma leucorhoa —еверна€ качурка Leach's Storm Petrel Wellenlaufer Paino boreal Oceanite cul-blanc
Pelecanus onocrotalus –озовый пеликан Great White Pelican Rosapelikan Pelicano comun Pelican blanc
Pelecanus crispus  удр€вый пеликан Dalmatian Pelican Krauskopfpelikan Pelicano cenudo Pelican frise
Morus bassanus —еверна€ олуша Northern Gannet Basstolpel Alcatraz atlantico Fou de Bassan
Phalacrocorax carbo Ѕольшой баклан Great Cormorant Kormoran Cormoran grande Grand Cormoran
Microcarbo pygmeus ћалый баклан Pygmy Cormorant Zwergscharbe Cormoran pigmeo Cormoran pygmee
Phalacrocorax aristotelis ’охлатый баклан European Shag Krahenscharbe Cormoran monudo Cormoran huppe
Ciconia ciconia Ѕелый аист White Stork Wei?storch Ciguena blanca Cigogne blanche
Ciconia nigra „ерный аист Black Stork Schwarzstorch Ciguena negra Cigogne noire
Plegadis falcinellus  аравайка Glossy Ibis Sichler Morito comun Ibis falcinelle
Platalea leucorodia  олпица Eurasian Spoonbill Loffler Espatula comun Spatule blanche
Ardea alba Ѕольша€ бела€ цапл€ Great Egret Silberreiher Garceta grande Grande Aigrette
Botaurus stellaris Ѕольша€ выпь Eurasian Bittern Rohrdommel Avetoro comun Butor etoile
Bubulcus ibis ≈гипетска€ цапл€ Western Cattle Egret Koereiger Airone guardabuoi volavka rusohlava
Ardeola ralloides ∆Єлта€ цапл€ Squacco Heron Rallenreiher Garcilla cangrejera Crabier chevelu
Nycticorax nycticorax ќбыкновенна€ кваква Black-crowned Night Heron Nachtreiher Martinete comun Bihoreau gris
Egretta garzetta ћала€ бела€ цапл€ Little Egret Seidenreiher Garceta comun Aigrette garzette
Ixobrychus minutus ћала€ выпь Little Bittern Zwergdommel Avetorillo comun Blongios nain
Ardea purpurea –ыжа€ цапл€ Purple Heron Purpurreiher Garza imperial Heron pourpre
Ardea cinerea —ера€ цапл€ Grey Heron Graureiher Garza real Heron cendre
Phoenicopterus roseus ќбыкновенный фламинго Greater Flamingo Rosaflamingo Flamenco comun Flamant rose
Tachybaptus ruficollis ћала€ поганка Little Grebe Paprastasis mazasis kragas Dverggo?i pikku-uikku
Podiceps nigricollis „ерношейна€ поганка Black-necked Grebe Schwarzhalstaucher Zampullin cuellinegro Grebe a cou noir
Podiceps auritus  расношейна€ поганка Horned Grebe Ohrentaucher Zampullin cuellirrojo Grebe esclavon
Podiceps grisegena —ерощека€ поганка Red-necked Grebe Rothalstaucher Somormujo cuellirrojo Grebe jougris
Podiceps cristatus „омга Great Crested Grebe Haubentaucher Somormujo lavanco Grebe huppe
Pandion haliaetus —копа Osprey Fischadler Aguila pescadora Balbuzard pecheur
Pernis apivorus ќбыкновенный осоед European Honey Buzzard Wespenbussard Abejero europeo Bondree apivore
Elanus caeruleus „ернокрылый дымчатый коршун Black-winged Kite Gleitaar Elanio comun Elanion blac
Milvus milvus  расный коршун Red Kite Rotmilan Milano real Milan royal
Milvus migrans „ерный коршун Black Kite Schwarzmilan Milano negro Milan noir
Haliaeetus albicilla ќрлан-белохвост White-tailed Eagle Seeadler Pigargo europeo Pygargue a queue blanche
Gypaetus barbatus Ѕородач Bearded Vulture Bartgeier Quebrantahuesos Gypaete barbu
Neophron percnopterus —терв€тник Egyptian Vulture Schmutzgeier Alimoche comun Percnoptere dТEgypte
Gyps fulvus Ѕелоголовый сип Griffon Vulture Gansegeier Buitre leonado Vautour fauve
Aegypius monachus „Єрный гриф Cinereous Vulture Monchsgeier Buitre negro Vautour moine
Circaetus gallicus «мее€д Short-toed Snake Eagle Schlangenadler Culebrera europea Circaete Jean-le-Blanc
Circus aeruginosus Ѕолотный лунь Western Marsh Harrier Rohrweihe Aguilucho lagunero occidental Busard des roseaux
Circus cyaneus ѕолевой лунь Hen Harrier Kornweihe Aguilucho palido Busard Saint-Martin
Circus macrourus —тепной лунь Pallid Harrier Steppenweihe Aguilucho papialbo Busard pale
Circus pygargus Ћуговой лунь Montagu's Harrier Wiesenweihe Aguilucho cenizo Busard cendre
Accipiter badius “уркестанский тювик Shikra Schikrasperber Gavilan chikra Epervier shikra
Accipiter brevipes ≈вропейский тювик Levant Sparrowhawk Kurzfangsperber Gavilan griego Epervier a pieds courts
Accipiter nisus ѕерепел€тник Eurasian Sparrowhawk Sperber Gavilan comun Epervier dТEurope
Accipiter gentilis “етерев€тник Northern Goshawk Habicht Azor comun Autour des palombes
Buteo buteo  анюк Common Buzzard Mausebussard Busardo ratonero Buse variable
Buteo rufinus  урганник Long-legged Buzzard Adlerbussard Busardo moro Buse feroce
Buteo lagopus «имн€к Rough-legged Buzzard Raufu?bussard Busardo calzado Buse pattue
Clanga pomarina ћалый подорлик Lesser Spotted Eagle Schreiadler Aguila pomerana Aigle pomarin
Clanga clanga Ѕольшой подорлик Greater Spotted Eagle Schelladler Aguila moteada Aigle criard
Aquila rapax  аменный орЄл Tawny Eagle Savannenadler Aguila rapaz Aigle ravisseur
Aquila nipalensis —тепной орЄл Steppe Eagle Steppenadler Aguila esteparia Aigle des steppes
Aquila heliaca ћогильник Eastern Imperial Eagle Kaiseradler Aguila imperial oriental Aigle imperial
Aquila adalberti »спанский могильник Spanish Imperial Eagle Spanischer Kaiseradler Aguila imperial iberica Aigle iberique
Aquila chrysaetos Ѕеркут Golden Eagle Steinadler Aguila real Aigle royal
Aquila fasciata ястребиный орЄл Bonelli's Eagle Habichtsadler Aguila perdicera Aigle de Bonelli
Hieraaetus pennatus ќрЄл-карлик Booted Eagle Zwergadler Aguila calzada Aigle botte
Falco naumanni —тепна€ пустельга Lesser Kestrel Rotelfalke Cernicalo primilla Faucon crecerellette
Falco tinnunculus ќбыкновенна€ пустельга Common Kestrel Turmfalke Cernicalo vulgar Faucon crecerelle
Falco vespertinus  обчик Red-footed Falcon Rotfu?falke Cernicalo patirrojo Faucon kobez
Falco amurensis јмурский кобчик Amur Falcon Amurfalke Cernicalo del Amur Faucon de lТAmour
Falco eleonorae —окол Ёлеоноры Eleonora's Falcon Eleonorenfalke Halcon de Eleonora Faucon dТEleonore
Falco biarmicus —редиземноморский сокол Lanner Falcon Lannerfalke Halcon borni Faucon lanier
Falco columbarius ƒербник Merlin Merlin Esmerejon Faucon emerillon
Falco cherrug Ѕалобан Saker Falcon Wurgfalke Halcon sacre Faucon sacre
Falco rusticolus  речет Gyrfalcon Gerfalke Halcon gerifalte Faucon gerfaut
Falco peregrinus —апсан Peregrine Falcon Wanderfalke Halcon peregrino Faucon pelerin
Falco subbuteo „еглок Eurasian Hobby Baumfalke Alcotan europeo Faucon hobereau
Psittacula krameri ќжереловый попугай Rose-ringed Parakeet Halsbandsittich Cotorra de Kramer Perruche a collier
Grus virgo  расавка Demoiselle Crane Jungfernkranich Grulla damisela Grue demoiselle
Leucogeranus leucogeranus —терх Siberian Crane Nonnenkranich Grulla siberiana Grue de Siberie
Grus grus —ерый журавль Common Crane Kranich Grulla comun Grue cendree
Rallus aquaticus ¬од€ной пастушок Water Rail Wasserralle Rascon europeo Rale dТeau
Crex crex  оростель Corn Crake Wachtelkonig Guion de codornices Rale des genets
Porzana parva ћалый погоныш Little Crake Kleine Sumpfhuhn Polluela bastarda Marouette poussin
Porzana pusilla ѕогоныш-крошка Baillon's Crake Zwergsumpfhuhn Polluela chica Marouette de Baillon
Porzana porzana ќбыкновенный погоныш Spotted Crake Tupfelsumpfhuhn Polluela pintoja Marouette ponctuee
Porphyrio porphyrio —ултанка Western Swamphen Purpurhuhn Calamon comun Taleve sultane
Gallinula chloropus  амышница Common Moorhen Teichralle Gallineta comun Gallinule poule dТeau
Fulica atra Ћысуха Eurasian Coot Blasshuhn Focha comun Foulque macroule
Fulica cristata ’охлата€ лысуха Red-knobbed Coot Kammblasshuhn Focha moruna Foulque a crete
Otis tarda ƒрофа Great Bustard Gro?trappe Avutarda euroasiatica Grande Outarde
Chlamydotis undulata ƒжек Houbara Bustard Saharakragentrappe Avutarda hubara africana Outarde houbara
Tetrax tetrax —трепет Little Bustard Zwergtrappe Sison comun Outarde canepetiere
Haematopus ostralegus  улик-сорока Eurasian Oystercatcher Austernfischer Ostrero euroasiatico Huitrier pie
Himantopus himantopus ’одулочник Black-winged Stilt Stelzenlaufer Ciguenuela comun Echasse blanche
Recurvirostra avosetta Ўилоклювка Pied Avocet Sabelschnabler Avoceta comun Avocette elegante
Burhinus oedicnemus јвдотка Eurasian Stone Curlew Triel Alcaravan comun Oedicneme criard
Cursorius cursor Ѕегунок Cream-coloured Courser Rennvogel Corredor sahariano Courvite isabelle
Glareola pratincola Ћугова€ тиркушка Collared Pratincole Rotflugel-Brachschwalbe Canastera comun Glareole a collier
Glareola nordmanni —тепна€ тиркушка Black-winged Pratincole Schwarzflugel-Brachschwalbe Canastera alinegra Glareole a ailes noires
Vanellus vanellus „ибис Northern Lapwing Kiebitz Avefria europea Vanneau huppe
Vanellus spinosus Ўпорцевый чибис Spur-winged Lapwing Spornkiebitz Avefria espinosa Vanneau a eperons
Vanellus indicus ”крашенный чибис Red-wattled Lapwing Rotlappenkiebitz Avefria india Vanneau indien
Vanellus gregarius  речЄтка Sociable Lapwing Steppenkiebitz Avefria sociable Vanneau sociable
Vanellus leucurus Ѕелохвоста€ пигалица White-tailed Lapwing Wei?schwanzkiebitz Avefria coliblanca Vanneau a queue blanche
Pluvialis dominica јмериканска€ ржанка American Golden-plover Prarie-Goldregenpfeifer Chorlito dorado americano Pluvier bronze
Pluvialis apricaria «олотиста€ ржанка European Golden-plover Goldregenpfeifer Chorlito dorado comun Pluvier dore
Pluvialis squatarola “улес Grey Plover Kiebitzregenpfeifer Chorlito gris Pluvier argente
Charadrius hiaticula √алстучник Common Ringed Plover Sandregenpfeifer Chorlitejo grande Pluvier grand-gravelot
Charadrius dubius ћалый зуЄк Little Ringed Plover Flussregenpfeifer Chorlitejo chico Pluvier petit-gravelot
Charadrius alexandrinus ћорской зуЄк Kentish Plover Seeregenpfeifer Chorlitejo patinegro Pluvier a collier interrompu
Charadrius leschenaultii “олстоклювый зуЄк Greater Sand Plover Wustenregenpfeifer Chorlitejo mongol grande Pluvier de Leschenault
Charadrius asiaticus  аспийский зуЄк Caspian Plover Wermutregenpfeifer Chorlitejo asiatico chico Pluvier asiatique
Charadrius morinellus ’рустан Eurasian Dotterel Mornellregenpfeifer Chorlito carambolo Pluvier guignard
Arenaria interpres  амнешарка Ruddy Turnstone Steinwalzer Vuelvepiedras comun Tournepierre a collier
Scolopax rusticola ¬альдшнеп Eurasian Woodcock Waldschnepfe Chocha perdiz Becasse des bois
Lymnocryptes minimus √аршнеп Jack Snipe Zwergschnepfe Agachadiza chica Becassine sourde
Gallinago stenura јзиатский бекас Pin-tailed Snipe Spie?bekassine Agachadiza colirrara Becassine a queue pointue
Gallinago media ƒупель Great Snipe Doppelschnepfe Agachadiza real Becassine double
Gallinago gallinago Ѕекас Common Snipe Bekassine Agachadiza comun Becassine des marais
Limosa limosa Ѕольшой веретенник Black-tailed Godwit Uferschnepfe Aguja colinegra Barge a queue noire
Limosa lapponica ћалый веретенник Bar-tailed Godwit Pfuhlschnepfe Aguja colipinta Barge rousse
Numenius phaeopus —редний кроншнеп Whimbrel Regenbrachvogel Zarapito trinador Courlis corlieu
Numenius tenuirostris “онкоклювый кроншнеп Slender-billed Curlew Dunnschnabel-Brachvogel Zarapito fino Courlis a bec grele
Numenius arquata Ѕольшой кроншнеп Eurasian Curlew Gro?er Brachvogel Zarapito real Courlis cendre
Xenus cinereus ћородунка Terek Sandpiper Terekwasserlaufer Andarrios del Terek Chevalier bargette
Actitis hypoleucos ѕеревозчик Common Sandpiper Flussuferlaufer Andarrios chico Chevalier guignette
Tringa ochropus „ерныш Green Sandpiper Waldwasserlaufer Andarrios grande Chevalier culblanc
Tringa erythropus ўЄголь Spotted Redshank Dunkler Wasserlaufer Archibebe oscuro Chevalier arlequin
Tringa nebularia Ѕольшой улит Common Greenshank Grunschenkel Archibebe claro Chevalier aboyeur
Tringa flavipes ∆елтоногий улит Lesser Yellowlegs Kleiner Gelbschenkel Archibebe patigualdo chico Petit Chevalier
Tringa stagnatilis ѕоручейник Marsh Sandpiper Teichwasserlaufer Archibebe fino Chevalier stagnatile
Tringa glareola ‘ифи Wood Sandpiper Bruchwasserlaufer Andarrios bastardo Chevalier sylvain
Tringa totanus “равник Common Redshank Rotschenkel Archibebe comun Chevalier gambette
Calidris canutus »сландский песочник Red Knot Knutt Correlimos gordo Becasseau maubeche
Calidris minuta  улик-воробей Little Stint Zwergstrandlaufer Correlimos menudo Becasseau minute
Calidris temminckii Ѕелохвостый песочник Temminck's Stint Temminckstrandlaufer Correlimos de Temminck Becasseau de Temminck
Calidris melanotos ƒутыш Pectoral Sandpiper Graubrust-Strandlaufer Correlimos pectoral Becasseau a poitrine cendree
Calidris ferruginea  раснозобик Curlew Sandpiper Sichelstrandlaufer Correlimos zarapitin Becasseau cocorli
Calidris alpina „ернозобик Dunlin Alpenstrandlaufer Correlimos comun Becasseau variable
Calidris maritima ћорской песочник Purple Sandpiper Meerstrandlaufer Correlimos oscuro Becasseau violet
Calidris alba ѕесчанка Sanderling Sanderling Correlimos tridactilo Becasseau sanderling
Calidris falcinellus √р€зовик Broad-billed Sandpiper Sumpflaufer Correlimos falcinelo Becasseau falcinelle
Calidris subruficollis ∆елтозобик Buff-breasted Sandpiper Graslaufer Correlimos canelo Becasseau roussatre
Calidris pugnax “урухтан Ruff Kampflaufer Combatiente Combattant varie
Phalaropus lobatus  руглоносый плавунчик Red-necked Phalarope Odinshuhnchen Falaropo picofino Phalarope a bec etroit
Phalaropus fulicarius ѕлосконосый плавунчик Red Phalarope Thorshuhnchen Falaropo picogrueso Phalarope a bec large
Larus canus —иза€ чайка Common Gull Sturmmowe Gaviota cana Goeland cendre
Larus marinus ћорска€ чайка Great Black-backed Gull Mantelmowe Gavion atlantico Goeland marin
Larus hyperboreus Ѕургомистр Glaucous Gull Eismowe Gavion hiperboreo Goeland bourgmestre
Larus glaucoides ѕол€рна€ чайка Iceland Gull Polarmowe Gaviota groenlandesa Goeland arctique
Larus argentatus —еребриста€ чайка European Herring Gull Silbermowe Gaviota argentea Goeland argente
Larus fuscus  луша Lesser Black-backed Gull Heringsmowe Gaviota sombria Goeland brun
Larus heuglini ’алей Heuglin's Gull Tundramowe Gaviota de Heuglin Goeland brun
Larus michahellis —редиземноморска€ чайка Yellow-legged Gull Mittelmeermowe Gaviota patiamarilla Goeland leucophee
Larus cachinnans ’охотунь€ Caspian Gull Steppenmowe Gaviota del Caspio Goeland pontique
Larus armenicus јрм€нска€ чайка Armenian Gull Armenienmowe Gaviota armenia Goeland dТArmenie
Larus ichtyaetus „ерноголовый хохотун Pallas's Gull Fischmowe Gavion cabecinegro Goeland ichthyaete
Chroicocephalus ridibundus ќзерна€ чайка Black-headed Gull Lachmowe Gaviota reidora Mouette rieuse
Chroicocephalus genei ћорской голубок Slender-billed Gull Dunnschnabelmowe Gaviota picofina Goeland railleur
Ichthyaetus melanocephalus „ерноголова€ чайка Mediterranean Gull Schwarzkopfmowe Gaviota cabecinegra Mouette melanocephale
Ichthyaetus audouinii „айка ќдуэна Audouin's Gull Korallenmowe Gaviota de Audouin Goeland dТAudouin
Hydrocoloeus minutus ћала€ чайка Little Gull Zwergmowe Gaviota enana Mouette pygmee
Pagophila eburnea Ѕела€ чайка Ivory Gull Elfenbeinmowe Gaviota marfilena Mouette blanche
Xema sabini ¬илохвоста€ чайка Sabine's Gull Schwalbenmowe Gaviota de Sabine Mouette de Sabine
Rissa tridactyla ћоевка Black-legged Kittiwake Dreizehenmowe Gaviota tridactila Mouette tridactyle
Chlidonias niger „ерна€ крачка Black Tern Trauerseeschwalbe Fumarel comun Guifette noire
Chlidonias leucopterus Ѕелокрыла€ крачка White-winged Tern Wei?flugelseeschwalbe Fumarel aliblanco Guifette leucoptere
Chlidonias hybrida ЅелощЄка€ крачка Whiskered Tern Wei?bart-Seeschwalbe Fumarel cariblanco Guifette moustac
Gelochelidon nilotica „айконоса€ крачка Gull-billed Tern Lachseeschwalbe Pagaza piconegra Sterne hansel
Hydroprogne caspia „еграва Caspian Tern Raubseeschwalbe Pagaza piquirroja Sterne caspienne
Sterna paradisaea ѕол€рна€ крачка Arctic Tern Kustenseeschwalbe Charran artico Sterne arctique
Sterna dougallii –озова€ крачка Roseate Tern Rosenseeschwalbe Charran rosado Sterne de Dougall
Sterna hirundo –ечна€ крачка Common Tern Flussseeschwalbe Charran comun Sterne pierregarin
Sternula albifrons ћала€ крачка Little Tern Zwergseeschwalbe Charrancito comun Sterne naine
Thalasseus sandvicensis ѕестроноса€ крачка Sandwich Tern Brandseeschwalbe Charran patinegro Sterne caugek
Stercorarius skua Ѕольшой поморник Great Skua Skua Pagalo grande Grand Labbe
Stercorarius pomarinus —редний поморник Pomarine Jaeger Spatelraubmowe Pagalo pomarino Labbe pomarin
Stercorarius parasiticus  ороткохвостый поморник Parasitic Jaeger Schmarotzerraubmowe Pagalo parasito Labbe parasite
Stercorarius longicaudus ƒлиннохвостый поморник Long-Tailed Jaeger Falkenraubmowe Pagalo rabero Labbe a longue queue
Alle alle Ћюрик Little Auk Krabbentaucher Mergulo atlantico Mergule nain
Uria aalge “онкоклюва€ кайра Common Murre Trottellumme Arao comun Guillemot marmette
Uria lomvia “олстоклюва€ кайра Thick-billed Murre Dickschnabellumme Arao de Brunnich Guillemot de Brunnich
Alca torda √агарка Razorbill  Tordalk Alca comun Petit Pingouin
Cepphus grylle ќбыкновенный чистик Black Guillemot Gryllteiste Arao aliblanco Guillemot a miroir
Fratercula arctica “упик Atlantic Puffin Papageitaucher Frailecillo atlantico Macareux moine
Syrrhaptes paradoxus —аджа Pallas's Sandgrouse Steppenflughuhn Ganga de Pallas Syrrhapte paradoxal
Pterocles alchata Ѕелобрюхий р€бок Pin-tailed Sandgrouse Spie?flughuhn Ganga iberica Ganga cata
Pterocles orientalis „ернобрюхий р€бок Black-bellied Sandgrouse Sandflughuhn Ganga ortega Ganga unibande
Columba livia —изый голубь Rock Dove Felsentaube Paloma bravia Pigeon biset
Columba oenas  линтух Stock Dove Hohltaube Paloma zurita Pigeon colombin
Columba palumbus ¬€хирь Common Wood Pigeon Ringeltaube Paloma torcaz Pigeon ramier
Streptopelia turtur ќбыкновенна€ горлица European Turtle Dove Turteltaube Tortola europea Tourterelle des bois
Streptopelia orientalis Ѕольша€ горлица Oriental Turtle Dove Orientturteltaube Tortola oriental Tourterelle orientale
Streptopelia decaocto  ольчата€ горлица Eurasian Collared Dove Turkentaube Tortola turca Tourterelle turque
Cuculus canorus ќбыкновенна€ кукушка Common Cuckoo Kuckuck Cuco comun Coucou gris
Cuculus optatus √луха€ кукушка Oriental Cuckoo Horsfieldkuckuck Cuco de Horsfield Coucou oriental
Clamator glandarius ’охлата€ кукушка Great Spotted Cuckoo Haherkuckuck Crialo europeo Coucou geai
Tyto alba —ипуха Barn Owl Schleiereule Lechuza comun Effraie des clochers
Otus scops —плюшка Eurasian Scops Owl Zwergohreule Autillo europeo Petit-duc scops
Bubo bubo ‘илин Eurasian Eagle-owl Uhu Buho real Hibou grand-duc
Bubo scandiacus Ѕела€ сова Snowy Owl Schnee-Eule Buho nival Harfang des neiges
Strix aluco —ера€ не€сыть Tawny Owl Waldkauz Carabo comun Chouette hulotte
Strix uralensis ƒлиннохвоста€ не€сыть Ural Owl Habichtskauz Carabo uralense Chouette de lТOural
Strix nebulosa Ѕородата€ не€сыть Great Grey Owl Bartkauz Carabo lapon Chouette lapone
Surnia ulula ястребина€ сова Northern Hawk-owl Sperbereule Carabo gavilan Eperviere boreale
Glaucidium passerinum ¬оробьиный сыч Eurasian Pygmy Owl Sperlingskauz Mochuelo alpino Chevechette dТEurope
Athene noctua ƒомовый сыч Little Owl Steinkauz Mochuelo europeo Cheveche dТAthena
Aegolius funereus ћохноногий сыч Boreal Owl Raufu?kauz Mochuelo boreal Nyctale de Tengmalm
Asio otus ”шаста€ сова Long-eared Owl Waldohreule Buho chico Hibou moyen-duc
Asio flammeus Ѕолотна€ сова Short-eared Owl Sumpfohreule Buho campestre Hibou des marais
Caprimulgus europaeus ќбыкновенный козодой European Nightjar Ziegenmelker Chotacabras europeo Engoulevent dТEurope
Caprimulgus ruficollis  расношейный козодой Red-necked Nightjar Rothals-Ziegenmelker Chotacabras cuellirrojo Engoulevent a collier roux
Tachymarptis melba Ѕелобрюхий стриж Alpine Swift Alpensegler Vencejo real Martinet a ventre blanc
Apus apus „ерный стриж Common Swift Mauersegler Vencejo comun Martinet noir
Apus pallidus Ѕледный стриж Pallid Swift Fahlsegler Vencejo palido Martinet pale
Apus affinis ћалый стриж Little Swift Haussegler Vencejo moro Martinet des maisons
Apus caffer Ѕелоплечий стриж White-rumped Swift Kaffernsegler Vencejo cafre Martinet cafre
Ceryle rudis ћалый пегий зимородок Pied Kingfisher Graufischer Martin pescador pio Martin-pecheur pie
Alcedo atthis ќбыкновенный зимородок Common Kingfisher Eisvogel Martin pescador comun Martin-pecheur dТEurope
Coracias garrulus —изоворонка European Roller Blauracke Carraca europea Rollier dТEurope
Merops persicus «елЄна€ щурка Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Blauwangenspint Abejaruco persa Guepier de Perse
Merops apiaster «олотиста€ щурка European Bee-eater Bienenfresser Abejaruco europeo Guepier dТEurope
Upupa epops ”дод Hoopoe Wiedehopf Abubilla Huppe fasciee
Jynx torquilla ¬ертишейка Eurasian Wryneck Wendehals Torcecuello Torcol fourmilier
Dryobates minor ћалый пестрый д€тел Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Kleinspecht Pico menor Pic epeichette
Dendrocoptes medius —редний пЄстрый д€тел Middle Spotted Woodpecker Mittelspecht Pico mediano Pic mar
Dendrocopos leucotos Ѕелоспинный д€тел White-backed Woodpecker Wei?ruckenspecht Pico dorsiblanco Pic a dos blanc
Dendrocopos major Ѕольшой пестрый д€тел Great Spotted Woodpecker Buntspecht Pico picapinos Pic epeiche
Dendrocopos syriacus —ирийский д€тел Syrian Woodpecker Blutspecht Pico sirio Pic syriaque
Picoides tridactylus “рехпалый д€тел Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker Dreizehenspecht Pico tridactilo Pic tridactyle
Dryocopus martius ∆елна Black Woodpecker Schwarzspecht Picamaderos negro Pic noir
Picus viridis «еленый д€тел European Green Woodpecker Grunspecht Pito real euroasiatico Pic vert
Picus sharpei »берийский зеленый д€тел Iberian Green Woodpecker Iberiengrunspecht Pito real iberico Pic de Sharpe
Picus canus —едой д€тел Grey-headed Woodpecker Grauspecht Pito cano Pic cendre
Alauda leucoptera Ѕелокрылый жаворонок White-winged Lark Wei?flugellerche Calandria aliblanca Alouette leucoptere
Lullula arborea Ћесной жаворонок Wood Lark Heidelerche Alondra totovia Alouette lulu
Calandrella brachydactyla ћалый жаворонок Greater Short-toed Lark Kurzzehenlerche Terrera comun Alouette calandrelle
Alauda arvensis ѕолевой жаворонок Eurasian Skylark Feldlerche Alondra comun Alouette des champs
Eremophila alpestris –огатый жаворонок Horned Lark Ohrenlerche Alondra cornuda Alouette hausse-col
Chersophilus duponti ∆аворонок ƒюпона Dupont's Lark Dupontlerche Alondra ricoti Alouette de Dupont
Alaudala rufescens —ерый жаворонок Lesser Short-toed Lark Stummellerche Terrera marismena Alouette pispolette
Melanocorypha calandra —тепной жаворонок Calandra Lark Kalanderlerche Calandria comun Arokiuru
Galerida cristata ’охлатый жаворонок Crested Lark Haubenlerche Cogujada comun Cochevis huppe
Galerida theklae  ороткопалый хохлатый жаворонок Thekla's Lark Theklalerche Cogujada montesina Cochevis de Thekla
Melanocorypha yeltoniensis „Єрный жаворонок Black Lark Schwarzsteppenlerche Calandria negra Alouette negre
Riparia riparia Ѕереговушка Sand Martin Uferschwalbe Avion zapador Hirondelle de rivage
Delichon urbicum √ородска€ ласточка Common House-martin Mehlschwalbe Avion comun Hirondelle de fenetre
Hirundo rustica ƒеревенска€ ласточка Barn Swallow Rauchschwalbe Golondrina comun Hirondelle rustique
Cecropis daurica –ыжепо€снична€ ласточка Red-rumped Swallow Rotelschwalbe Golondrina daurica Hirondelle rousseline
Ptyonoprogne rupestris —калиста€ ласточка Eurasian Crag-martin Felsenschwalbe Avion roquero Hirondelle de rochers
Anthus spinoletta √орный конЄк Water Pipit Bergpieper Bisbita alpino Pipit spioncelle
Anthus cervinus  раснозобый конЄк Red-throated Pipit Rotkehlpieper Bisbita gorjirrojo Pipit a gorge rousse
Anthus trivialis Ћесной конек Tree Pipit Baumpieper Bisbita arboreo Pipit des arbres
Anthus pratensis Ћуговой конек Meadow Pipit Wiesenpieper Bisbita pratense Pipit farlouse
Anthus campestris ѕолевой конЄк Tawny Pipit Brachpieper Bisbita campestre Pipit rousseline
Anthus berthelotii  анарский конЄк Berthelot's Pipit Kanarenpieper Bisbita caminero Pipit de Berthelot
Anthus hodgsoni ѕ€тнистый конЄк Olive-backed Pipit Waldpieper Bisbita de Hodgson Pipit a dos olive
Anthus gustavi —ибирский конЄк Pechora Pipit Petschorapieper Bisbita del Pechora Pipit de la Petchora
Anthus petrosus —кальный конЄк Eurasian Rock Pipit Strandpieper Bisbita costero Pipit maritime
Anthus richardi —тепной конЄк Richard's Pipit Spornpieper Bisbita de Richard Pipit de Richard
Motacilla alba Ѕела€ тр€согузка White Wagtail Bachstelze Lavandera blanca Bergeronnette grise
Motacilla cinerea √орна€ тр€согузка Grey Wagtail Gebirgsstelze Lavandera cascadena Bergeronnette des ruisseaux
Motacilla citreola ∆елтоголова€ тр€согузка Citrine Wagtail Zitronenstelze Lavandera cetrina Bergeronnette citrine
Motacilla flava ∆елта€ тр€согузка Western Yellow Wagtail Schafstelze Lavandera boyera Bergeronnette printaniere
Motacilla feldegg „ерноголова€ тр€согузка Black-headed wagtail Maskenstelze Lavandera boyera Bergeronnette printaniere
Regulus regulus ∆елтоголовый королЄк Goldcrest Wintergoldhahnchen Reyezuelo sencillo Roitelet huppe
Regulus ignicapillus  расноголовый королЄк Common Firecrest Sommergoldhahnchen Reyezuelo listado Roitelet triple-bandeau
Bombycilla garrulus —виристель Bohemian Waxwing Seidenschwanz Ampelis europeo Jaseur boreal
Cinclus cinclus ќл€пка White-throated Dipper Wasseramsel Mirlo acuatico europeo Cincle plongeur
Troglodytes troglodytes  рапивник Eurasian Wren Zaunkonig Chochin comun Troglodyte mignon
Prunella collaris јльпийска€ завирушка Alpine Accentor Alpenbraunelle Acentor alpino Accenteur alpin
Prunella atrogularis „ерногорла€ завирушка Black-throated Accentor Schwarzkehlbraunelle Acentor gorginegro Accenteur a gorge noire
Prunella modularis Ћесна€ завирушка Dunnock Heckenbraunelle Acentor comun Accenteur mouchet
Zoothera dauma ѕЄстрый дрозд Scaly Thrush Himalajaerddrossel Zorzal dorado del Himalaya Grive dama
Catharus ustulatus ƒрозд —венсона Swainson's Thrush Zwergmusendrossel Zorzalito quemado Grive a dos roussatre
Turdus atrogularis „ернозобый дрозд Black-throated Thrush Schwarzkehldrossel Zorzal papinegro Grive a gorge noire
Turdus torquatus Ѕелозобый дрозд  Ring Ouzel Ringdrossel Mirlo capiblanco Merle a plastron
Turdus merula „ерный дрозд Common Blackbird Amsel Mirlo comun Merle noir
Turdus naumanni –ыжий дрозд Naumann's Thrush Rostschwanzdrossel Zorzal de Naumann Grive de Naumann
Turdus pilaris –€бинник Fieldfare Wacholderdrossel Zorzal real Grive litorne
Turdus iliacus Ѕелобровик Redwing Rotdrossel Zorzal alirrojo Grive mauvis
Turdus philomelos ѕевчий дрозд Song Thrush Singdrossel Zorzal comun Grive musicienne
Turdus viscivorus ƒер€ба Mistle Thrush Misteldrossel Zorzal charlo Grive draine
Saxicola rubetra Ћуговой чекан Whinchat Braunkehlchen Tarabilla nortena Tarier des pres
Saxicola rubicola „ерноголовый чекан European Stonechat Schwarzkehlchen Tarabilla Comun Traquet patre
Saxicola maurus јзиатский черноголовый чекан Siberian Stonechat Pallasschwarzkehlchen Tarabilla Siberiana Tarier de Siberie
Oenanthe oenanthe ќбыкновенна€ каменка Northern Wheatear Steinschmatzer Collalba gris Traquet motteux
Oenanthe leucura Ѕелохвоста€ каменка Black Wheatear Trauersteinschmatzer Collalba negra Traquet rieur
Oenanthe pleschanka  аменка-плешанка Pied Wheatear Nonnensteinschmatzer Collalba pia Traquet pie
Oenanthe hispanica »спанска€ каменка Black-eared Wheatear Mittelmeer-Steinschmatzer Collalba rubia Traquet oreillard
Oenanthe deserti ѕустынна€ каменка Desert Wheatear Wustensteinschmatzer Collalba desertica Traquet du desert
Oenanthe isabellina  аменка-пл€сунь€ Isabelline Wheatear Isabellsteinschmatzer Collalba isabel Traquet isabelle
Oenanthe leucopyga Ѕелопо€сна€ каменка White-crowned Wheatear Saharasteinschmatzer Collalba yebelica Traquet a tete blanche
Cercotrichas galactotes “угайный соловей Rufous-tailed Scrub-robin Heckensanger Alzacola rojizo Agrobate roux
Phoenicurus ochruros √орихвостка-чернушка Black Redstart Hausrotschwanz Colirrojo tizon Rougequeue noir
Phoenicurus phoenicurus √орихвостка-лысушка Common Redstart Gartenrotschwanz Colirrojo real Rougequeue a front blanc
Phoenicurus moussieri Ѕелоброва€ горихвостка Moussier's Redstart Diademrotschwanz Colirrojo diademado Rougequeue de Moussier
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus  раснобрюха€ горихвостка Guldenstadt's Redstart Riesenrotschwanz Colirrojo de Guldenstadt Rougequeue de Guldenstadt
Erithacus rubecula «ар€нка European Robin Rotkehlchen Petirrojo europeo Rouge-gorge familier
Luscinia luscinia ќбыкновенный соловей Thrush Nightingale Sprosser Ruisenor ruso Rossignol progne
Luscinia megarhynchos «ападный соловей Common Nightingale Nachtigall Ruisenor comun Rossignol philomele
Calliope calliope —оловей-красношейка Siberian Rubythroat Rubinkehlchen Ruisenor caliope Rossignol calliope
Luscinia svecica ¬аракушка Bluethroat Blaukehlchen Pechiazul Gorgebleue a miroir
Tarsiger cyanurus —инехвостка Red-Flanked Bluetail Blauschwanz Ruisenor coliazul Robin a flancs roux
Cettia cetti Ўирокохвостка Cetti's Warbler Seidensanger Cetia ruisenor Bouscarle de Cetti
Locustella lanceolata ѕ€тнистый сверчок Lanceolated Warbler Strichelschwirl Buscarla lanceolada Locustelle lanceolee
Locustella naevia ќбыкновенный сверчок Common Grasshopper Warbler Feldschwirl Buscarla pintoja Locustelle tachetee
Locustella fluviatilis –ечной сверчок River Warbler Schlagschwirl Buscarla fluvial Locustelle fluviatile
Locustella luscinioides —оловьиный сверчок Savi's Warbler Rohrschwirl Buscarla unicolor Locustelle luscinioide
Acrocephalus melanopogon “онкоклюва€ камышевка Moustached Warbler Mariskenrohrsanger Carricerin real Lusciniole a moustaches
Acrocephalus paludicola ¬ертл€ва€ камышевка Aquatic Warbler Seggenrohrsanger Carricerin cejudo Phragmite aquatique
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus  амышевка-барсучок Sedge Warbler Schilfrohrsanger Carricerin comun Phragmite des joncs
Acrocephalus agricola »ндийска€ камышевка Paddyfield Warbler Feldrohrsanger Carricero agricola Rousserolle isabelle
Acrocephalus scirpaceus “ростникова€ камышевка Eurasian Reed Warbler Teichrohrsanger Carricero comun Rousserolle effarvatte
Acrocephalus dumetorum —адова€ камышевка Blyth's Reed Warbler Buschrohrsanger Carricero de Blyth Rousserolle des buissons
Acrocephalus palustris Ѕолотна€ камышевка Marsh Warbler Sumpfrohrsanger Carricero poliglota Rousserolle verderolle
Acrocephalus arundinaceus ƒроздовидна€ камышевка Great Reed Warbler Drosselrohrsanger Carricero tordal Rousserolle turdoide
Iduna rama ёжна€ бормотушка Sykes's Warbler Steppenspotter Zarcero de Sykes Hypolais rama
Iduna caligata —еверна€ бормотушка Booted Warbler Buschspotter Zarcero escita Hypolais bottee
Iduna pallida Ѕледна€ пересмешка Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Blassspotter Zarcero palido Hypolais pale
Iduna opaca «ападна€ бормотушка Western Olivaceous Warbler Isabellspotter Zarcero bereber Hypolais obscure
Hippolais icterina «елена€ пересмешка Icterine Warbler Gelbspotter Zarcero icterino Hypolais icterine
Hippolais olivetorum —редиземноморска€ пересмешка Olive-tree Warbler Olivenspotter Zarcero grande Hypolais des oliviers
Hippolais polyglotta ћногоголоса€ пересмешка Melodious Warbler Orpheusspotter Zarcero poliglota Hypolais polyglotte
Phylloscopus trochilus ѕеночка-весничка Willow Warbler Fitis Mosquitero musical Pouillot fitis
Phylloscopus collybita ѕеночка-теньковка Common Chiffchaff Zilpzalp Mosquitero comun Pouillot veloce
Phylloscopus sindianus  авказска€ пеночка Mountain Chiffchaff Bergzilpzalp Mosquitero montano Pouillot montagnard
Phylloscopus ibericus »берийска€ пеночка Iberian Chiffchaff Iberienzilpzalp Mosquitero iberico Budnicek ibersky
Phylloscopus bonelli —ветлобрюха€ пеночка Western Bonelli's Warbler Berglaubsanger Mosquitero papialbo Pouillot de Bonelli
Phylloscopus orientalis Ѕелобрюха€ пеночка Eastern Bonelli's Warbler Balkanlaubsanger Mosquitero oriental Pouillot oriental
Phylloscopus sibilatrix ѕеночка-трещотка Wood Warbler Waldaubsanger Mosquitero silbator Pouillot siffleur
Phylloscopus inornatus ѕеночка-зарничка Yellow-Browed Warbler Gelbbrauen-Laubsanger Mosquitero bilistado Pouillot a grands sourcils
Phylloscopus borealis ѕеночка-таловка Arctic Warbler Wanderlaubsanger Mosquitero boreal Pouillot boreal
Phylloscopus trochiloides «елена€ пеночка Greenish Warbler Grunlaubsanger Mosquitero verdoso Pouillot verdatre
Phylloscopus nitidus ∆елтобрюха€ пеночка Green Warbler Wacholderlaubsanger Mosquitero del Caucaso Pouillot du Caucase
Cisticola juncidis ¬еерохвоста€ цистикола Zitting Cisticola Zistensanger Cisticola buitron Cisticole des joncs
Sylvia atricapilla —лавка-черноголовка Eurasian Blackcap Monchsgrasmucke Curruca capirotada Fauvette a tete noire
Sylvia borin —адова€ славка Garden Warbler Gartengrasmucke Curruca mosquitera Fauvette des jardins
Sylvia nisoria ястребина€ славка Barred Warbler Sperbergrasmucke Curruca gavilana Fauvette eperviere
Sylvia hortensis ѕевча€ славка Western Orphean Warbler Orpheusgrasmucke Curruca mirlona occidental Fauvette orphee
Sylvia ruppeli —лавка –юппел€ Ruppell's Warbler Maskengrasmucke Curruca de Ruppell Fauvette de Ruppell
Sylvia melanocephala —редиземноморска€ славка Sardinian Warbler Samtkopf-Grasmucke Curruca cabecinegra Fauvette melanocephale
Sylvia melanothorax  ипрска€ славка Cyprus Warbler Schuppengrasmucke Curruca chipriota Fauvette de Chypre
Sylvia nana ѕустынна€ славка Asian Desert Warbler Wustengrasmucke Curruca enana Fauvette naine
Sylvia communis —ера€ славка Common Whitethroat Dorngrasmucke Curruca zarcera Fauvette grisette
Sylvia curruca —лавка-завирушка Lesser Whitethroat Klappergrasmucke Curruca zarcerilla Fauvette babillarde
Sylvia mystacea Ѕелоуса€ славка Menetries's Warbler Tamariskengrasmucke Curruca de Menetries Fauvette de Menetries
Sylvia conspicillata ќчкова€ славка Spectacled Warbler Brillengrasmucke Curruca tomillera Fauvette a lunettes
Sylvia undata ѕровансальска€ славка Dartford Warbler Provencegrasmucke Curruca rabilarga Fauvette pitchou
Sylvia cantillans —убальпийска€ славка Eastern Subalpine Warbler Wei?bart-Grasmucke Curruca carrasquena Fauvette passerinette
Monticola saxatilis ѕЄстрый каменный дрозд Common Rock Thrush Steinrotel Roquero rojo Monticole de roche
Monticola solitarius —иний каменный дрозд Blue Rock Thrush Blaumerle Roquero solitario Monticole bleu
Muscicapa striata —ера€ мухоловка Spotted Flycatcher Grauschnapper Papamoscas gris Gobemouche gris
Ficedula hypoleuca ћухоловка-пеструшка European Pied Flycatcher Trauerschnapper Papamoscas cerrojillo Gobemouche noir
Ficedula albicollis ћухоловка-белошейка Collared Flycatcher Halsbandschnapper Papamoscas acollarado Gobe-mouches a collier
Ficedula semitorquata ѕолуошейникова€ мухоловка Semicollared Flycatcher Halbringschnapper Papamoscas semiacollarado Gobemouche a demi-collier
Ficedula parva ћала€ мухоловка Red-breasted Flycatcher Zwergschnapper Papamoscas papirrojo Gobe-mouche nain
Panurus biarmicus ”сата€ синица Bearded Reedling Bartmeise Bigotudo Panure a moustaches
Aegithalos caudatus ќполовник Long-tailed Tit Schwanzmeise Mito Orite a longue queue
Poecile palustris „ерноголова€ гаичка Marsh Tit Sumpfmeise Carbonero palustre Mesange nonnette
Poecile lugubris —редиземноморска€ гаичка Sombre Tit Balkanmeise Carbonero lugubre Mesange lugubre
Poecile montanus ѕухл€к Willow Tit Weidenmeise Carbonero montano Mesange boreale
Poecile cinctus —ероголова€ гаичка Grey-headed Chickadee Lapplandmeise Carbonero lapon Mesange lapone
Parus major Ѕольша€ синица Great Tit Kohlmeise Carbonero comun Mesange charbonniere
Periparus ater ћосковка Coal Tit Tannenmeise Carbonero garrapinos Mesange noire
Lophophanes cristatus ’охлата€ синица European Crested Tit Haubenmeise Herrerillo capuchino Mesange huppee
Cyanistes caeruleus Ћазоревка Eurasian Blue Tit Blaumeise Herrerillo comun Mesange bleue
Cyanistes cyanus  н€зЄк Azure Tit Lasurmeise Herrerillo azul Mesange azuree
Remiz pendulinus –емез Eurasian Penduline Tit Beutelmeise Pajaro moscon europeo Remiz penduline
Sitta europaea ќбыкновенный поползень Eurasian Nuthatch Kleiber Trepador azul Sittelle torchepot
Sitta krueperi „ерноголовый поползень Kruper's Nuthatch Turkenkleiber Trepador de Kruper Sittelle de Kruper
Sitta neumayer ћалый скалистый поползень Western Rock Nuthatch Felsenkleiber Trepador rupestre occidental Sittelle de Neumayer
Tichodroma muraria —тенолаз Wallcreeper Mauerlaufer Treparriscos Tichodrome echelette
Certhia familiaris ќбыкновенна€ пищуха Eurasian Treecreeper Waldbaumlaufer Agateador norteno Grimpereau des bois
Certhia brachydactyla  ороткопала€ пищуха Short-toed Treecreeper Gartenbaumlaufer Agateador europeo Grimpereau des jardins
Oriolus oriolus ќбыкновенна€ иволга Eurasian Golden Oriole Pirol Oropendola europea Loriot dТEurope
Lanius collurio ќбыкновенный жулан Red-backed Shrike Neuntoter Alcaudon dorsirrojo Pie-grieche ecorcheur
Lanius excubitor —ерый сорокопут Great Grey Shrike Raubwurger Alcaudon norteno Pie-grieche grise
Lanius minor „ернолобый сорокопут Lesser Grey Shrike Schwarzstirnwurger Alcaudon chico Pie-grieche a poitrine rose
Lanius senator  расноголовый сорокопут Woodchat Shrike Rotkopfwurger Alcaudon comun Pie-grieche a tete rousse
Lanius nubicus ћаскированный сорокопут Masked Shrike Maskenwurger Alcaudon nubico Pie-grieche masquee
Perisoreus infaustus  укша Siberian Jay Ungluckshaher Arrendajo siberiano Mesangeai imitateur
Garrulus glandarius —ойка Eurasian Jay Eichelhaher Arrendajo euroasiatico Geai des chenes
Cyanopica cooki √олуба€ сорока Iberian Magpie Blauelster Rabilargo iberico Pie-bleue iberique
Pica pica —орока Eurasian Magpie Elster Urraca comun Pie bavarde
Nucifraga caryocatactes  едровка Spotted Nutcracker Tannenhaher Cascanueces norteno Cassenoix mouchete
Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax  лушица Red-billed Chough Alpenkrahe Chova piquirroja Crave a bec rouge
Pyrrhocorax graculus јльпийска€ галка Alpine Chough Alpendohle Chova piquigualda Chocard a bec jaune
Coloeus monedula √алка Western Jackdaw Dohle Grajilla occidental Choucas des tours
Corvus frugilegus √рач Rook Saatkrahe Graja Corbeau freux
Corvus corone „ерна€ ворона Carrion Crow Rabenkrahe Corneja negra Corneille noire
Corvus cornix —ера€ ворона Hooded Crow Aaskrahe Corneja cenicienta Corneille mantelee
Corvus corax ¬орон Common Raven Kolkrabe Cuervo grande Grand Corbeau
Acridotheres tristis ћайна Common Myna Hirtenmaina Mina comun Martin triste
Pastor roseus –озовый скворец Rosy Starling Rosenstar Estornino rosado Etourneau roselin
Sturnus vulgaris ќбыкновенный скворец Common Starling Star Estornino pinto Etourneau sansonnet
Sturnus unicolor „ерный скворец Spotless Starling Einfarbstar Estornino negro Etourneau unicolore
Passer domesticus ƒомовый воробей House Sparrow Haussperling Gorrion comun Moineau domestique
Passer italiae »таль€нский воробей Italian Sparrow Italiensperling Gorrion italiano Moineau cisalpin
Passer hispaniolensis „ерногрудый воробей Spanish Sparrow Weidensperling Gorrion moruno Moineau espagnol
Passer montanus ѕолевой воробей Eurasian Tree Sparrow Feldsperling Gorrion molinero Moineau friquet
Petronia petronia  аменный воробей Rock Sparrow Steinsperling Gorrion chillon Moineau soulcie
Montifringilla nivalis —нежный вьюрок White-winged Snowfinch Schneesperling Gorrion alpino Niverolle alpine
Fringilla coelebs «€блик Common Chaffinch Buchfink Pinzon vulgar Pinson des arbres
Fringilla montifringilla ёрок Brambling Bergfink Pinzon real Pinson du Nord
Pinicola enucleator ўур Pine Grosbeak Hakengimpel Camachuelo picogrueso Durbec des sapins
Carpodacus erythrinus ќбыкновенна€ чечевица Common Rosefinch Karmingimpel Camachuelo carminoso Roselin cramoisi
Carpodacus rubicilla Ѕольша€ чечевица Great Rosefinch Berggimpel Camachuelo grande Roselin tachete
Loxia pytyopsittacus  лЄст-сосновик Parrot Crossbill Kiefernkreuzschnabel Piquituerto lorito Bec-croise perroquet
Loxia curvirostra  лЄст-еловик Red Crossbill Fichtenkreuzschnabel Piquituerto comun Bec-croise des sapins
Loxia leucoptera Ѕелокрылый клЄст Two-barred Crossbill Bindenkreuzschnabel Piquituerto aliblanco Bec-croise bifascie
Chloris chloris ќбыкновенна€ зеленушка European Greenfinch Grunfink Verderon europeo Verdier dТEurope
Acanthis flammea ќбыкновенна€ чечетка Common Redpoll Birkenzeisig Pardillo norteno Sizerin flamme
Acanthis cabaret ћала€ чечетка Lesser Redpoll Alpenbirkenzeisig Pardillo Alpino Sizerin cabaret
Acanthis hornemanni “ундр€на€ чечЄтка Arctic Redpoll Polarbirkenzeisig Pardillo Artico Sizerin blanchatre
Spinus spinus „иж Eurasian Siskin Erlenzeisig Lugano Tarin des aulnes
Carduelis carduelis „ерноголовый щегол European Goldfinch Stieglitz Jilguero europeo Chardonneret elegant
Carduelis citrinella ∆елтый вьюрок Citril Finch Zitronenzeisig Verderon serrano Venturon montagnard
Carduelis corsicana  орсиканский вьюрок Corsican Finch Korsenzeisig Verderon corso Venturon corse
Linaria flavirostris √орна€ конопл€нка Twite Berghanfling Pardillo piquigualdo Linotte a bec jaune
Linaria cannabina  онопл€нка Common Linnet Bluthanfling Pardillo comun Linotte melodieuse
Serinus pusillus  оролевский вьюрок Red-fronted Serin Rotstirngirlitz Serin frentirrojo Serin a front dТor
Serinus canaria  анарский вьюрок Atlantic Canary Kanarengirlitz Serin canario Serin des Canaries
Serinus serinus  анареечный вьюрок European Serin Girlitz Serin verdecillo Serin cini
Pyrrhula pyrrhula ќбыкновенный снегирь Eurasian Bullfinch Gimpel Camachuelo comun Bouvreuil pivoine
Coccothraustes coccothraustes ќбыкновенный дубонос Hawfinch Kernbei?er Picogordo comun Gros-bec casse-noyaux
Rhodopechys sanguineus  раснокрылый чечевичник Asian Crimson-winged Finch Rotflugelgimpel Camachuelo alirrojo Roselin a ailes roses
Bucanetes githagineus ѕустынный снегирь Trumpeter Finch Wustengimpel Camachuelo trompetero Roselin githagine
Emberiza citrinella ќбыкновенна€ овс€нка Yellowhammer Goldammer Escribano cerillo Bruant jaune
Emberiza leucocephalos Ѕелошапочна€ овс€нка Pine Bunting Fichtenammer Escribano cabeciblanco Bruant a calotte blanche
Emberiza caesia  расноклюва€ овс€нка Cretzschmar's Bunting Grauortolan Escribano ceniciento Bruant cendrillard
Emberiza cirlus ќгородна€ овс€нка Cirl Bunting Zaunammer Escribano soteno Bruant zizi
Emberiza cia √орна€ овс€нка Rock Bunting Zippammer Escribano montesino Bruant fou
Emberiza buchanani  аменна€ овс€нка Grey-necked Bunting Steinortolan Escribano cabecigris Bruant a cou gris
Emberiza hortulana —адова€ овс€нка Ortolan Bunting Ortolan Escribano hortelano Bruant ortolan
Emberiza pusilla ќвс€нка-крошка Little Bunting Zwergammer Escribano pigmeo Bruant nain
Emberiza rustica ќвс€нка-ремез Rustic Bunting Waldammer Escribano rustico Bruant rustique
Emberiza aureola ƒубровник Yellow-breasted Bunting Weidenammer Escribano aureolado Bruant aureole
Emberiza melanocephala „ерноголова€ овс€нка Black-headed Bunting Kappenammer Escribano cabecinegro Bruant melanocephale
Emberiza bruniceps ∆елчна€ овс€нка Red-headed Bunting Braunkopfammer Escribano carirrojo Bruant a tete rousse
Emberiza schoeniclus  амышова€ овс€нка Common Reed Bunting Rohrammer Escribano palustre Bruant des roseaux
Emberiza calandra ѕрос€нка Corn Bunting Grauammer Escribano triguero Bruant proyer
Calcarius lapponicus Ћапландский подорожник Lapland Longspur Spornammer Escribano lapon Plectrophane lapon
Plectrophenax nivalis ѕуночка Snow Bunting Schneeammer Escribano nival Plectrophane des neiges

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